Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are you a ticketed welder?

A. Yes I have AS1796 – 2001 Tig welding Certification.

Q2. Can you weld Aluminium?

A. Yes.

Q3. What is the thinnest Aluminium you can weld?

A. 0.12mm a Coke can thickness.

Q4. What is the thickest Aluminium you can weld?

A. 15mm plate.

Q5. If I have a drawing for a custom made object can you make it for me?

A. Yes.

Q6. Can you give me a quote before you commence a project?

A. Yes after a visual inspection.

Q7. Can you supply a written quote?

A. Yes.

Q8. I have a damaged engine casing made from Magnesium, can you weld this?

A. Yes.

Q9. Can you build stainless steel hand rails?

A. Yes.

Q10. I have a ute with an Aluminium tray can you build a rack for it?

A. Yes.

Q11. Do you build gates?

A. Yes.

Q12. I have a Titanium exhaust that I require an O2 sensor attached is this possible?

A. Yes this can be performed and we stock M18 Titanium bungs for this purpose.

Q11. Can Stainless Steel be used to weld Titanium?

A. No this is not recommended as the two metals are not compatible and will cause stress cracking of the weld.